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Who is Go Time Agile?

Go Time Agile was established to help companies achieve their goals. Its not a flashy mission statement but it is our passion. After years of leading successful organizations and bringing back others from the brink of failure, we have proven that the perfect balance of principles and reinforcing methods is essential for long term success and progress.

As a basis for our success we have developed Scalable Adaptive Scrum, an adaptation of the software development process for business people. Go Time Agile delivers it through group certification training courses, on-site strategic consulting with individuals, groups or the entire enterprise.

James Wright

James Wright

Principal Consultant, Scalable Adaptive Scrum Trainer

James has had a long career in high tech marketing using Agile principles before he knew that’s what they were called. He started as an Applications Engineer before finding his first love, product management. He’s managed product management, marketing, sales, engineering, business development, and operations functions at a variety of companies ranging from large and public to small startup. James has learned that these foundational principles work across industries. He’s been in enterprise software, computer storage, test equipment, consumer electronics and alternative fuel and energy products. He published his first business book, Scrum Marketing, in 2014.

Consulting Services

Software development teams have formally used Agile principles and Scrum methodology for years. This revolutionary approach has produced products that customers want, and teams complete more than twice the work in half the time.

Other disciplines and entire companies can enjoy these same benefits by employing the principles and methodology. The Scrum recipe must be modified somewhat for implementation outside of development teams, but the results can be just as dramatic.

Many companies are good at intermittent creative efforts and innovation events. Few operationalize that innovation or follow through with any consistency. Urgent schedules, complexity, bureaucracy and control issues can squelch the best of intentions. Agile/scrum can transform your business. Through a regular cadence of ruthless prioritization and experimentation, your teams will have the tools to make a difference immediately and continue to do so.

The same amount of work is required to grow a company 10X as to grow it only 10%. What’s the difference? For breakthrough success, you need to look at things differently, and do things differently. We will help you define your mission, set your objectives and prioritize your strategies. We’ll teach you how to use Scrum to do the most important work, achieve your goals, and become what you want.