London Scrum Agile Course


Agile Practitioner

Length: One and a half days

  • Part 1: Agile Principles
  • Part 2: Methodologies
  • Part 3: Review, Tools, and Practice

Agile Strategy and


Length: Two days

  • Part 1: Agile Overview
  • Part 2: Strategy Overview with Case Studies
  • Part 3: Transformation your Company
  • Part 4: Strategy Creation Exercises

Improvisational Comedy

Workshop and Agile Team


Length: 2.5 hours

  • May be added to other courses or stand-alone
  • Instructors are profession improv comedians
  • Laugh, Learn and Make others Laugh as you practice the rules of being funny and how those will help your team communicate, collaborate and innovate better

    These Courses are a

    Different Type of

    Agile Training




      Who Should Attend The Courses?

      • Certified Scrum Masters and Coaches
      • Executives
      • Business managers and team members
      • Project managers
      • Aspiring market disruptors
      • Product managers
      • Digital marketers
      • Human Resource Professionals
      • Experienced Scrum developers
      • Business people without any Agile background
      • Anyone who want to have fun, and get much more from less work

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