Go Time Agile Training

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Workshop Agenda

Part 1    Being Agile

  • Transformational innovation verses incremental improvement
  • Case studies of agile transformation and strategic directions
  • In depth discussion and exercises on Agile Principles for Business
  • Why the principles work in making large and small decisions

Part 2    The Methodologies

  • Scrum process (roles, meetings, artifacts): reinforcing the principles
  • How to modify Scrum for non-engineers in general and your organization in particular
  • Scaling across the organization
  • Coexisting processes: Scrum and Kanban
  • The emphasis will be on learning the basics and how to adapt it to your needs

Part 3    Improv Comedy for Business

  • Practice the rules for quick thinking and improvisational comedy
  • Perform in a series of games and scenes
  • Learn how to apply these principles in your teams' communication and innovation efforts

Part 4    Practice and Review

  • Define a mission and objectives for mock company and build a backlog of activities
  • We’ll create team structure with roles, define stories, prioritize them and plan a sprint
  • Hands-on use of agile project software
  • Review of principles and methodology: the simple and tricky stuff
  • Question and answer session—how to adapt for your needs
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This is a Different Type of Agile Training

Goals of the Course:

  • Demonstrate the value of Agile and Scrum/Kanban in non-development environments
  • Show business professionals how to get a 10X return with same resources
  • Establish Agile principles as the basis of sound business decisions
  • Give you the foundation to establish your strategy and operationalize innovation

Who Should Attend The Course?

  • Certified Scrum Masters and Coaches
  • Executives
  • Business managers and team members
  • Project managers
  • Aspiring market disruptors
  • Product managers
  • Digital marketers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Experienced Scrum developers
  • Business people without any Agile background
  • Anyone who want to have fun, and get much more from less work
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7-8 June, Learn to Innovate, Laugh, Transform with us

9:00 until 17:00 each day, with lunch break

Browns Covent Garden, Saint Martin's Lane, London

Cost: US$900 (about £700)

Get More Information about Scalable Adaptive Scrum Training

We won't just teach you how to DO Scrum

You'll learn how to BE agile

All participants will receive:

  • Copy of the book, Scrum Marketing
  • Opportunity to take the online certification test
  • Video of your comedy performances
  • Certificate and digital icon upon passing the test
  • The information you need to implement Agile at your company and achieve your objectives
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Browns Covent Garden